Careless Whispers

Brad Caldwell is a 33-year-old ex-convict who returns home to Etowah when he is pardoned by the Governor 15 years after being convicted of a murder he did not commit. Due to evidence that is uncovered when a mentally challenged man is discovered living in squalor after his older brother is sent to prison, the governor pardons Caldwell and the man is placed in a state hospital. No one in town who was around when the murder and trial took place will help Brad. Many have made it known they wish he would just disappear, especially the Chief of Police, Randy McCoy. Some even offer to help make that a reality. The townspeople have painful memories of the brutal murder and nothing but hatred for the man they believe killed Nikki Murray. The only person who will give him the time of day is a beautiful woman named Allie McCoy, sister to Randy. She was a friend of the murder victim. Her Brother Randy had dated Nikki, as had Caldwell. While she is not certain that he is innocent, she is sure that he has paid his dues and is entitled to live his life. Suddenly there is a Blond Stranger in town driving a black Jeep. He seems to be following Brad or Allie, or BOTH. Even Randy becomes concerned when his sister’s life is threatened. No one knows who this stranger is, or where he came from. It is soon obvious to everyone that this stranger is tied to the Murray killing. He is determined that no one will find out who the real killer is; even if it means Caldwell and Allie have to disappear permanently. Running from the stranger, Caldwell, and Allie race to find the connection to the killer and get that info to one person that will believe them but they are being squeezed from every side. If they fail to get the evidence to ADA Jon Reilly before the killer catches up to them, then they will not make it out alive. It is a race to the finish and time is running out.

Forever and For Always

What would you do if your life, which was the stuff dreams are made of, was delivered a blow to the gut that would turn your charmed life into a hellish nightmare? Jeff and Susan Long had that life for years. They lived a life full of love, pain, happiness, disappointment and every emotion in between.
Separated by ten years in age, they found an uncommon love and built a love story that lasted for over 28 years. Bipolar Disorder, three children, grandchildren and a family that is not your typical family come together to tell this poignant story of how we all can find love in the strangest of places—like the bowling alley.
Jeff Long tells the story of how he and Susan met and their life story; Susan tells her story from the time she is diagnosed with Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and, Sarah Gilkey, the youngest daughter tells the story of her Father after the death of her mother, Jeff’s wife. Between the three of them, a picture is painted of true love that is meant to last Forever and For Always.

Chance of a Lifetime

Chance Murdoch is a 40 year-old single father of two. One day, after five years alone, he has a chance encounter with Amy, a woman from his past, twelve years his junior. Sparks are there from the moment their eyes meet and neither can deny the attraction. However, Chance has a few problems he must overcome before he can commit to a relationship with Amy. The first hurdle is Chance, himself. He isn’t sure he can date a woman so much younger. Second, is his ex-wife, who is bound and determined to see him as unhappy as she is. She will stop at nothing to keep the two of them apart, even if it means fabricating a story to win back custody of their children. The third hurdle to finding happiness with this new love is the hardest of all. Amy is his teen-aged daughter’s high school calculus teacher. Can a simple man like Chance balance the love for this woman, the protective instinct for his children, and the possibility of alienating his daughter by dating her teacher, and still overcome the bitterness of the woman who left him with two children to raise alone? All he wanted was to finally find happiness. Now he is faced with a choice, his children, or the woman who can make his dreams come true. His life has become a hot mess, all because of a chance encounter